Bethel Park News

July 2020 - Dining hall ceiling is replaced. New recessed lighting installed. Windows were boxed in. Floor and walls painted. New countertop and cabinets installed in dining room.

Project completed -Thank you to Community Foundation for the Alleghenies for their generous gift!

January 2020 - Dining Hall Ceiling
The dining hall ceiling needed to be repaired from the water leaks. We can no longer purchase the existing ceiling “tiles.” We replaced about 1/6 of the ceiling with a dry-walled ceiling. We would like to replace the entire ceiling in the dining hall as a part of this project. While we have the ceiling torn out, we would like to add heat ducts to the rooms upstairs. This can be done easily with the ceiling torn out. This would make our facility useable earlier in the spring and later in the fall.
December 2019 - Dining Hall Restroom Renovations

The bathrooms above the dining hall were in great need of repair. Water leaks were damaging the ceiling below. Instead of just repairing the antiquated systems, new bathrooms were designed and installed. Each restroom will provide 3 sinks, 2 toilets, and 2 showers. There are still some finishing touches to complete, but these will be ready for camp in July! (The rooms above the dining hall were remodeled in 2017 and are used by the evangelists, missionaries, and other guests.)

Project Completed.

Spring 2019 - current - Upgrade electricity and build additional camper sites

New electric lines were run by Bedford REC.

Additional funds are needed to build the camper sites.

Spring 2019 - Men's Shower House Project - We will resume work on this project when the weather gets warmer. We hope to have this finished by July 2020. This shower house will have 3 sinks, 3 toilets (including a handicap stall, and 4 showers.)

August 2019 - Pavilion Roof
The roof of the pavilion was damaged by a storm summer 2019. The damage was assessed and it was determined that the entire roof should be replaced. Project was completed in August 2019.
July 14, 2018 - Boy's Cabin Roof
A group of volunteers replaced the shingles on one of the boys cabins.
Early Summer 2018 - Handicapped Parking
A grant from the "Community Foundation for the Alleghenies" helped us install a parking pad for the handicapped next to the tabernacle.

Spring 2017 - Dining Hall Roof

We were able to replace the shingles on the roof of the dining hall.

Early Summer 2017 - Dining Hall Rooms

The rooms above the dining hall had the carpet replaced. We also updated the dressers and night stands. Each room now has an air conditioner.